Whilst trespassing in a building stealing (or intending to steal), damaging (or intending to damage) property or seriously injuring (or intending to seriously injure) somebody. Aggravated burglary: as above, but where the trespasser is carrying a firearm or offensive weapon.

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28 Oct 2012 19:45
quote Someone stealing from privet property such as a home unquote
28 Oct 2012 22:30
quote When something that you own has been stolen by somebody else. unquote
29 Oct 2012 17:17
quote Stealing from a person or property without them knowing unquote
29 Oct 2012 21:38
quote Stealing things from somebody unquote
30 Oct 2012 09:13
quote someone entering a home or shop etc without consent and stealing from that place... unquote
30 Oct 2012 16:30
quote Breaking into private property and taking from that property goods etc that do not beong to you and without permission unquote
31 Oct 2012 00:35
quote stealing unquote
31 Oct 2012 17:18
quote To onto someone's property and take what is not yours unquote
31 Oct 2012 19:18
quote when you break into someone else's property unquote
31 Oct 2012 20:43
quote Someone breaks into a property and takes items from the property, or owner of the property, that does not belong to the person that has broken in unquote
31 Oct 2012 22:06
quote Stealing something from a property or building unquote
1 Nov 2012 00:31
quote Unlawfully entering, and removing items from, a premises. unquote
1 Nov 2012 14:25
quote An act of breaking in to someone elses private property unquote
1 Nov 2012 16:49
quote A person taking another person's belongings without their consent unquote
1 Nov 2012 16:58
quote Breaking of entry and taking items unquote
1 Nov 2012 17:58
quote where somebody steals something they do not own. unquote
1 Nov 2012 21:07
quote Describes when someone has broken into a property without consent. unquote
1 Nov 2012 21:37
quote Breaking an entry, and taking items belonging to another. Force can be used by the individual. unquote
1 Nov 2012 22:00
quote When someone's possessions are taken from them when they aren't there or aware of it at the time. unquote
4 Nov 2012 15:55
quote illegally entering a property and stealing. unquote
16 Nov 2012 11:19
quote Theft of items from a property. There must have been forced entry eg the doors must have been locked. Also must be intent to permanently steal the items ie not just borrow without permission. unquote
20 Nov 2012 21:04
quote A domestic or commercial building is broken into by a person or persons unquote
20 Nov 2012 22:55
quote When somebody breaks into a home, outbuilding or car for the purposes of stealing items within. unquote
20 Nov 2012 23:10
quote Breaking into someone's home and stealing things. unquote
21 Nov 2012 04:20
quote Entering someone else's property and taking things that do not belong to you from that property. unquote
21 Nov 2012 12:09
quote Taking property from someone's home or business. unquote
21 Nov 2012 13:28
quote When possessions are stolen from a property unquote
21 Nov 2012 21:48
quote Person(s) entering someone's home without permission and taking items belonging to them unquote
12 Nov 2013 09:48
quote Breaking into a property not owned or under any contract with you and taking possesions unowned to you from that property. unquote
13 Nov 2013 15:48
quote The verb of stealing, i.e. I burgled the house. unquote
14 Nov 2013 18:05
quote stealing from someone else, taking something that is not yours. breaking into private property and taking something. unquote
14 Nov 2013 20:44
quote A burglary is any incident when somebody takes something which is not their own - usually this term is used to describe an incident when some body has broken into a house and stolen from that house. unquote
14 Nov 2013 20:45
quote robbing/stealing items from a house/building unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:02
quote Taking something that does not belong to you with the intention of not giving it back, often involves breaking into a property as well. unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:13
quote When someone breaks an entry and takes something that does not belong to them without permission. unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:25
quote When an item is stolen from somebody from breaking in entry. unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:38
quote Robbery of the contents of a domicile. unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:48
quote to steal from someones home unquote
14 Nov 2013 23:29
quote Theft, where the perpetrator has entered a property without permission. unquote
15 Nov 2013 18:17
quote Breaking into someones property (car, house etc) and stealing their possessions. unquote
15 Nov 2013 23:33
quote Someone breaking an entry or taking something that does not belong to them without the victim knowing. Stealing for the criminals gain. unquote
16 Nov 2013 02:51
quote Theft. Burglary is theft of an item from someone else's property. unquote
16 Nov 2013 10:20
quote When something is stolen from inside a house or car. unquote
17 Nov 2013 11:36
quote To take the possessions of somebody else, possibly using forced entry unquote
17 Nov 2013 11:50
quote A theft or robbery (often of a home - possibly at night) unquote
17 Nov 2013 12:02
quote When someone has enter property and stolen goods from them. unquote
17 Nov 2013 14:09
quote A crime where physical items are taken from a premises without permission. unquote
17 Nov 2013 15:31
quote Stealing a person's belongings from his or her home. unquote
17 Nov 2013 16:58
quote A crime which refers to unlawfully stealing that which does not belong to the accused. May refer to breaking into a property without the owners' consent. unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:08
quote Theft. unquote
17 Nov 2013 18:59
quote When someone has broken and entered, and potentially stolen something from someone else's property. unquote
17 Nov 2013 19:03
quote where a criminal has entered a premises without permission with the intent of stealing goods unquote
17 Nov 2013 19:16
quote Robbery taking something that's not yours. unquote
17 Nov 2013 19:17
quote where someone has taken something out of another persons possession without their permission. unquote
17 Nov 2013 19:42
quote The removal of items belonging to another person from their possession, or from a property or vehicle belonging to them. unquote
17 Nov 2013 20:26
quote Where someone steals something that doesn't belong to them either from another person, or in a public place like a supermarket. unquote
17 Nov 2013 23:32
quote The act of stealing someone else's possessions within their home/property unquote
18 Nov 2013 16:10
quote A burglary is a staged crime whereby the person earmarks, and steal items from a given property. unquote
18 Nov 2013 17:19
quote An act in which someone has broken into your house and stolen your things. unquote
18 Nov 2013 19:46
quote Breaking and entering and then stealing from the property unquote
18 Nov 2013 20:55
quote When someone breaks into your home in order to steal, cause damage or rape you unquote
18 Nov 2013 21:00
quote Stealing something using a pre planned method and/or force unquote
18 Nov 2013 21:06
quote A burglary is a crime committed where someone or a group of people commit a crime where they would break into someone's house and steal their belongings. unquote
19 Nov 2013 00:59
quote Burglary is where someone has entered a property or building illegally and stolen something. unquote
24 Nov 2013 11:24
quote To physically take a possession of another person. unquote
6 Nov 2014 07:26
quote When a person who does not live in a certain property, breaks into it and forces their way in. It is likely that they will take possession from the house which do not belong to them and are likely to be of some value. unquote
6 Nov 2014 20:39
quote breaking into a house to steal goods unquote
7 Nov 2014 21:08
quote Taking of property which does not belong to you unquote
9 Nov 2014 21:25
quote When a person brakes into someones house and steals things from it. This regurlarly happens in slightly rougher areas. E.g Cobridge unquote
10 Nov 2014 17:26
quote It is an offence to break in / enter anyone's property with the purpose of stealing from them. unquote
10 Nov 2014 20:17
quote Entering and taking something from someone else's property where the owner is absent unquote
10 Nov 2014 21:30
quote breaking into someones property and stealing something unquote
11 Nov 2014 10:02
quote Illegally entering someone else's premises and taking something that doesn't belong to you. unquote
11 Nov 2014 12:12
quote Theft of somebody else's property which does not belong to you. unquote
11 Nov 2014 14:20
quote When someone breaks into a property illegally and takes something or does something illegal unquote
12 Nov 2014 21:11
quote Having your house, and personnel items stolen. It can make you feel very violated and on edge due to having your personnel items taken. unquote
28 Oct 2015 22:11
quote You have broken into a property not owned by you and without the owners consent and then stolen some of their property. unquote
12 Nov 2015 15:59
quote Breaking into a house or building that isnt not yours and stealing objects of value unquote
13 Nov 2015 10:09
quote To take something that doesn't belong to you , without consent from the owner ! unquote
16 Nov 2015 18:58
quote Burglary is the unlawful theft of one persons goods made by another person without permission. unquote
17 Nov 2015 15:55
quote Taking something that isn't yours from a property or vehicle or any storage space by breaking in and taking it, could be commercial property or private property that is stolen unquote
19 Nov 2015 23:00
quote Entering a building illegally unquote
20 Nov 2015 16:50
quote Break into another person's house and stealing their possessions. unquote
20 Nov 2015 16:56
quote Stealing items from some else's house unquote
22 Nov 2015 16:56
quote Intrusion into a property and stealing items inside- nobody is physically harmed unquote
23 Nov 2015 00:29
quote Stealing possessions usually from breaking and entering to places such as homes or office buildings etc unquote
23 Nov 2015 12:55
quote when a property has been broken into and goods have been stolen unquote
8 Nov 2016 20:16
quote When a persons belongings are unlawfully taken. unquote
8 Nov 2016 20:18
quote Stealing something from a private residence/property unquote
8 Nov 2016 20:45
quote Breaking and entering into a property and removing goods. unquote
10 Nov 2016 10:18
quote To break in to a property or somewhere belonging to someone else and to steal things that belong to others, rather than just taking something such as theft from a shop for example where access is permitted. unquote
11 Nov 2016 14:41
quote Robbery, having possessions stolen from your home unquote
11 Nov 2016 20:17
quote Someone breaking into somebody else's house and stealing one or more of their personal possessions. unquote
13 Nov 2016 14:41
quote Somebody trespassing illegally unquote
13 Nov 2016 19:20
quote Breaking into the home of a citizen and stealing items. unquote
13 Nov 2016 19:41
quote When someone enters a premises without permission and attempts\ takes something unquote
14 Nov 2016 16:22
quote The act of breaking and entering a property that is not your own, and stealing possessions that are not yours. unquote
14 Nov 2016 18:26
quote Burglary means that you have taken things without the owner's knowledge or permission unquote
14 Nov 2016 20:34
quote Where people break into a place of residence or a private building and steal items. unquote
14 Nov 2016 20:35
quote When someone's possessions are taken by someone else without consent. unquote
14 Nov 2016 21:35
quote When someone steals from a home. Similar to breaking and entering unquote
14 Nov 2016 22:26
quote Stealing including entering a property illegally unquote
12 Nov 2017 18:37
quote Entering someone's house without permission and stealing their stuff unquote
13 Nov 2017 11:15
quote Theft without threat of injury to the owner unquote
13 Nov 2017 11:41
quote Theft, Armed theft unquote
19 Nov 2023 17:20
quote Breaking into property which doesn’t belong to you and taking things from it which are not yours to take unquote
20 Nov 2023 10:06
quote The act of taking something from someone without their knowledge unquote
20 Nov 2023 18:23
quote The act of breaking into someone’s house and stealing household items. unquote
21 Nov 2023 12:30
quote stealing things that aren’t yours unquote
21 Nov 2023 12:49
quote Breaking in and stealing from property not belonging to the perpetrator unquote
21 Nov 2023 13:12
quote Stealing from others unquote
22 Nov 2023 18:34
quote Taking something that doesn’t belong to you from a place that you do not have the right to take from. E.g. taking a TV from someone else’s house. unquote
13 Dec 2023 17:17
quote Being robbed, having things stolen by other people unquote


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