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What’s this all about?

Welcome to the main page of FuzzyLaw. Below are the 37 terms which are examined here.

How were the explanations gathered?

All of the explanations below are from members of the public. They are not technical, legal definitions. Each contributor was asked to explain four terms in their own words. The four terms for each participant were generated at random. The contributors were asked to explain as well as possible, as if for a friend in difficulty. They were asked to explain without ?cheating? by using any form of help such as a dictionary or internet search.

How does this page work?

Click on any of the terms below to see explanations of that term from members of the public. Then, at the bottom of the page, enter any comments your have on what you’ve seen.

What happens next?

Each term’s page will be regularly updated as we collect more explanations. Pages will also develop as people leave comments on the terms and their explanations. Check back to see how things progress.

I want to get involved!

You are encouraged to become part of FuzzyLaw by contributing to the discussions and making comments? There is no limit to the number of contributions you can make! To get started, you might like to consider the following questions:

Offence names

Harassment (103)
Burglary (113)
Battery (307)
Manslaughter (119)
Affray (473)
Assault (326)

Used to qualify offences

With intent (127)


Caution (104)
Suspect (122)
Defence (474)
Mention (105)
Charge (108)
Police bail (107)


Magistrate (125)
Summons (114)
Indictment (131)
Defendant (519)
Exhibit (119)
Oath (513)
Affirmation (508)
Perjury (93)

General legal system

Probation (90)
Remand (107)
Warrant (97)

Law in the wider social world

Off licence (114)
Injunction (118)

Selection of recent responses