A warning given by a police officer when he is arresting a person suspected of having committed an offence. A different type of caution may also be given by a police officer to a suspect who is being released without prosecution, as a deterrent against becoming involved in crime.

For example: “It may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.”

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29 Oct 2012 13:08
quote A warning that if you do not comply with what you are asked from the start you may appear to be guilty when you have a story later on. unquote
29 Oct 2012 19:31
quote A formal warning issued when being arreested/taken into police custody. unquote
29 Oct 2012 22:28
quote A warning unquote
30 Oct 2012 12:28
quote someone is cautioned by the police when they have committed an offense, explaining what they have done wrong. The police must do this before they can arrest you. unquote
30 Oct 2012 13:33
quote This 'caution' is read out before you testify in court to ensure that a witness is telling the truth otherwise you could find yourself with a criminal offence to answer to unquote
30 Oct 2012 16:30
quote a warning given in the context of an alleged offence. this would normally be gievn by the police of Law enforcement officers unquote
30 Oct 2012 17:05
quote if this person is asked a question they should not omit any information but remember it later on. unquote
30 Oct 2012 18:11
quote To take care to avoid danger or incident. To say something as a warning to a group or individual. unquote
30 Oct 2012 18:19
30 Oct 2012 20:43
quote Make you aware that if, during preliminary questioning, you omit mentioning information which could prove vital to the verdict in court. unquote
30 Oct 2012 22:13
quote A warning, to act carefully unquote
31 Oct 2012 10:28
quote a warning that you must tell the truth at all times and if you lie you would be worse off unquote
31 Oct 2012 15:12
quote To explain a persontheir full rights in the aspect of the law. unquote
31 Oct 2012 15:42
quote warning them about what will happen, and for them to tell what happened now give the truth, if mentioned later might not beable to help them if went to court. unquote
31 Oct 2012 18:09
quote A statement declared by a police officer upon the arrest of an individual, suspected of committing a crime. If a caution is not issued, the individual in question can claim that the arrest isn't legitimate nor valid. unquote
31 Oct 2012 19:57
quote A warning given by the police to ensure the person arrested gives accurate and full information unquote
31 Oct 2012 20:21
quote a caution is a statement read to you whilst/ before you are being arrested to explain your rights in the situation. It is also a term used for a punishment when someone is caught for a minor offence that may not warrant prosecution, instead they are cautioned, meaning the offence will but put on record but no further action is taken. unquote
31 Oct 2012 22:24
quote Formal warning given by a police officer when someone is arrested. It is the formal start of a legal process and tells the person what will happen unquote
31 Oct 2012 22:50
quote It's what is said to you if you get arrested, and tells you your rights. unquote
31 Oct 2012 22:52
quote A warning. Given so that the defendant is made aware of their rights. Without this a person is able to walk free due to circumstances within the law. unquote
1 Nov 2012 17:36
quote Include all relevant facts in the initial statement unquote
1 Nov 2012 19:52
quote The police are telling you that you have certain rights and obligations under the law, and that if you refuse to carry out these obligations it may be looked on unfavourably if you are tried in court. unquote
1 Nov 2012 21:40
quote When given a caution you are warned but given a second chance. unquote
1 Nov 2012 22:13
quote a warning unquote
20 Nov 2012 20:59
quote That I have been warned that my words or actions could lead me into trouble... unquote
20 Nov 2012 21:01
quote Be careful what you say unquote
20 Nov 2012 23:49
quote a notice of a legal construct which may affect or restrict future behaviour: a warning of a legal process which could be undertaken where specific terms are breached or invoked unquote
21 Nov 2012 12:09
quote A means of chastising an offender for a minor crime, administered very shortly after the offense has been committed. unquote
21 Nov 2012 16:35
quote A caution is an instruction when you are being arrested unquote
21 Nov 2012 21:48
quote A warning but something that remains on your record and may have to be declared ie when applying for a new job unquote
22 Nov 2012 22:12
quote A statement from a police officer prior to arrest advising of one's rights. unquote
6 Dec 2012 11:33
quote The police will take note of anything you say and could be used as evidence unquote
14 Nov 2013 20:57
quote A formal warning after committing an offence. unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:32
quote a warning not to do it again unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:40
quote Well, you haven't used the word caution in your example usage... To be cautionedm or to recieve a caution would be to be given a warning for a wrong doing or an inapropriate act that if performed again will have consequences. unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:41
quote A warning by a police officer or legal official. unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:44
quote A warning given to the accused unquote
14 Nov 2013 22:18
quote When someone is warned of things that could be held against them in a court case. unquote
15 Nov 2013 09:00
quote A warning given to a suspect or accused person that is in a statement that authorities are required to say unquote
15 Nov 2013 13:02
quote A warning of further consequence unquote
15 Nov 2013 19:43
quote a phrase designed to warn someone unquote
15 Nov 2013 19:54
quote Being warmed not to say something unquote
15 Nov 2013 22:48
quote Warning that you could possibly be later charged with an offence unquote
16 Nov 2013 12:21
quote A recorded telling off. unquote
16 Nov 2013 23:22
quote A warning before consequence unquote
17 Nov 2013 12:21
quote A warning that your actions and speech are being recorded and may be used as evidence in the future against you. unquote
17 Nov 2013 15:31
quote A warning given to people after they have committed an offence, doesn't usually result in legal action being taken but if the person reoffends they are likely to be prosecuted. unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:11
quote a warning issued by the police that continued failure to comply with their request or the law will result in action against them. unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:22
quote To be careful of something unquote
17 Nov 2013 18:10
quote A caution is when someone is not charged for committing an offence; they are just warned, but it is still kept on record so that if it happens again, more serious action might be taken. unquote
17 Nov 2013 19:18
quote a warning unquote
17 Nov 2013 19:57
quote be careful of what you say/do unquote
17 Nov 2013 22:05
quote If a person is given a caution, it's like a warning unquote
17 Nov 2013 23:32
quote A term used when giving a warning to someone who has just committed a crime unquote
18 Nov 2013 18:33
quote It is what a police man or woman says to you when you are under arrest and it means that you are warned that from now on you are under investigation for everything you do, in order to help the police do their work unquote
18 Nov 2013 18:53
quote be careful what you say when being questioned in case it can be used by the courts to prove you are guilty unquote
18 Nov 2013 19:30
quote a verbal warning unquote
18 Nov 2013 19:52
quote A warning about a minor offence given by an officer unquote
18 Nov 2013 20:55
quote You do not have to answer the questions but if you do and you change your story before court they will ask why you haven't told the truth unquote
18 Nov 2013 21:00
quote A warning. unquote
5 Nov 2014 14:12
quote A warning given to a person who has been accused of a crime. unquote
7 Nov 2014 10:45
quote meant as a warning unquote
8 Nov 2014 22:34
quote A warning. unquote
9 Nov 2014 19:36
quote A warning given by the police when you have done something which breaks the law. This is used when the offence is not serious, or the circumstances do not warrant being charged. unquote
10 Nov 2014 17:32
quote A warning given to someone to avoid future mistakes from happening again. unquote
10 Nov 2014 21:41
quote If you hide evidence/ facts etc. From the court that may affect the court case unquote
10 Nov 2014 21:49
quote You are being given a chance to explain your side of events with figures of authority. To caution someone is to also warn them to watch what they say as they may implicate themselves in other matters unquote
10 Nov 2014 22:49
quote This is what the Police state to warn a suspect that what the suspect says is going to be treated as the truth and anything said at anther time could just be made up. unquote
10 Nov 2014 23:50
quote Requires thinking of what may go wrong before carrying out an action. unquote
11 Nov 2014 14:32
quote Like a warning. Making someone who has committed a crime aware of what will happen if they are to say anything that could be used against them as evidence in court. unquote
12 Nov 2014 20:50
quote Warning of consequences of actions unquote
10 Nov 2015 09:13
quote This is a legal requirement that when arrested the police officer (arresting officer) must read this statement out so that the accused knows they have entered the legal system and what they say or do will contribute to the evidence. unquote
10 Nov 2015 09:39
quote A formal "telling off" for something that doesn't require prosecution. A caution will show up on a DBS but will expire after a few years (6 if I remember correctly). No conviction is enforced. unquote
10 Nov 2015 21:50
quote Similar to that of a warning unquote
17 Nov 2015 21:18
quote A warning with legal consequences. unquote
19 Nov 2015 13:28
quote To warn someone unquote
22 Nov 2015 16:20
quote verbal warning, providing information to the offender in relation to the offence. If police caution- setting out their rights unquote
22 Nov 2015 16:43
quote A warning given by the law courts, in order to give you a chance or warn you for something that may happen in the future and you need to be careful of. unquote
23 Nov 2015 09:40
quote A warning used by the police unquote
8 Nov 2016 14:28
quote To take care not to fall into an unfavourable situation unquote
8 Nov 2016 14:45
quote A warning after commiting a minor offence unquote
8 Nov 2016 18:28
quote Warning that what you are about to do or say may have consequences and could be used as evidence in a court unquote
9 Nov 2016 14:23
quote A caution is a type of warning. unquote
9 Nov 2016 21:45
quote A caution that informs you of your integrity when being questioned by the police on a suspected criminal activity unquote
13 Nov 2016 15:23
quote A legal warning unquote
14 Nov 2016 12:52
quote Being careful and not taking a riskier option. unquote
14 Nov 2016 14:53
quote A caution can be given when someone my attend court in the future, to warn them of their actions, and how the evidence may be used in their favour or against them in court. unquote
14 Nov 2016 20:15
quote A formal warning given in place of punishment for a crime- it will be recorded so that if a similar offence is committed again, the fact that the person has already received a caution can be taken into account. unquote
14 Nov 2016 20:19
quote Warning unquote
14 Nov 2016 22:17
quote To evade persecution but remain noted to the police so that they are discouraged from committing crimes in the near future unquote
7 Nov 2017 14:33
quote To be careful unquote
12 Nov 2017 17:24
quote A warning given to someone who has been arrested on suspicion of committing a crime unquote
12 Nov 2017 18:37
quote Be careful what you say. unquote
13 Nov 2017 11:50
quote The words that have to be spoken when an arrest is being made by a police officer. If they are not spoken correctly then the arrest is not deemed as being proper. unquote
13 Nov 2017 12:51
quote To take care when saying or doing something as it could effect you later on. unquote
16 Nov 2022 20:27
quote Warning, something said by an officer or police member. May not be explicitly stated as a warning/ caution. unquote


David Roberts says
A warning that if you saying something or don't say something by way of an explanantion when offered the chance, then later on if the matter goes to court, the court can be told what you did or didn't say particulalry in repsonse to questions the police have asked you. This may be held against you if you come up with something different in court that you havent said before.
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