Custodial sentence

A judicial order that imposes imprisonment (In other words: a judge sending someone to prison). (Non-custodial sentences include community order and fines).

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28 Oct 2012 19:14
quote To have a term in jail or detention centre. unquote
29 Oct 2012 11:49
quote Custodial sentence could be something to do with a person claiming custody of children or property, or losing custody of children/property. unquote
29 Oct 2012 18:46
quote Custodial sentence are sentences for the more serious offenders unquote
29 Oct 2012 19:31
quote A period of time to be served in prison, handed down as punishment for a crime. unquote
30 Oct 2012 11:25
quote A court imposed sentence that involves some form of detention. unquote
30 Oct 2012 18:24
quote being sent to prison for a certain amount of time unquote
30 Oct 2012 18:43
quote Going to prison for a set length of time. unquote
30 Oct 2012 22:41
quote Getting sent to prison. unquote
31 Oct 2012 10:10
quote Its the sentence that is first given?! unquote
31 Oct 2012 13:14
quote Sentence in prison or young offenders institution. unquote
31 Oct 2012 14:59
quote Custodial makes me think of custody. Therefore I believe that a custodial sentence is where the decision is made final of which parent receives custody of their child. unquote
31 Oct 2012 15:18
quote A sentence which means you have custody over something. Maybe a child? unquote
31 Oct 2012 16:04
quote being imprisoned for a period of time unquote
31 Oct 2012 16:36
quote Custodial sentence is a removal of your freedom such as prison or young offenders institution and is Placed upon an individuAl for breaking a criminal law unquote
31 Oct 2012 19:09
quote the sentence that is imposed on the criminal in jail unquote
31 Oct 2012 19:18
quote been sent to prison unquote
31 Oct 2012 19:50
quote Someone has been to court and been found guitly and the sentence is that they will have to go to prison unquote
31 Oct 2012 21:00
quote A sentence which involves a period of time in prison unquote
31 Oct 2012 22:52
quote A sentence in which a person has been given agreed terms on custody over something, usually a child. unquote
31 Oct 2012 23:15
quote The amount of time a person has been given in custody. unquote
31 Oct 2012 23:16
quote some period of time to be detained in custody e.g. prison unquote
1 Nov 2012 16:36
quote When an offender has to serve time in a prison/secure unit. unquote
1 Nov 2012 22:30
quote They will serve their sentence in prison unquote
20 Nov 2012 23:18
quote A custodial sentence means to be jailed/incarcerated/locked up for a set period of time after one has been found guilty of a crime. Not given a suspended sentence or community service but actually sent to jail unquote
21 Nov 2012 00:48
quote Time the person proven guilty of a crime will have their liberty deprived for - whether in prison or mental hospital, sometimes in addition to other sanctions. It's a form of violence perpetrated by the state allegedly on behalf of society, on those who transgress against the state - and sometimes against society. The length of custodial sentence is generally higher for crimes against property than it is against the person, so that while society demands sanctions for crimes against persons to be higher, the state values property, generally because the state is comprised of property owners. unquote
21 Nov 2012 01:43
quote Imprisonment of a person unquote
21 Nov 2012 13:53
quote In Jail for a lengh of time. unquote
22 Nov 2012 22:12
quote A sentence handed to a convicted person which involves spending some time in prison or in a young offenders instituion unquote
24 Nov 2012 20:46
quote Being punished by being sent to prison, rather than being fined or given an 'in the community' sentence. unquote
24 Apr 2013 15:48
quote person having been found guilty being sent to prison unquote
26 Apr 2013 09:18
quote This is a judge's decision to send a person to prison or some other form of custody with the effect that the person's liberty and ability to live at home is removed for a specific (or unspecified) period of time unquote
12 Nov 2013 22:08
quote A punishment for breaking the law resulting in a jail sentence. This sentence could be days or years, but will be up for probation on an annual basis. unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:13
quote A period of imprisonment or curfew managed and presented by a court of law by a Judge and ranging from a period of days to Months or even years. unquote
14 Nov 2013 23:01
quote being sent to prison for a set amount of time unquote
14 Nov 2013 23:04
quote the length of time someone is in custody before going to trial unquote
14 Nov 2013 23:59
quote A sentence by a judge following a trial with a jury that results in a prison sentence for a period of time. unquote
15 Nov 2013 18:07
quote imprisonment unquote
15 Nov 2013 19:25
quote The length of time a person is given parental rights over a young person under the age of 18 years old unquote
16 Nov 2013 18:14
quote When your sent to prison to serve time unquote
17 Nov 2013 11:36
quote The reason you are being kept in a cell for a period of time, perhaps for example a drug offence which you have tested positive for unquote
17 Nov 2013 12:46
quote Where a member of the family/friend looks after a child that is not theirs. unquote
17 Nov 2013 16:23
quote A sentence of any length of time which you will spend in prison after an act of injustice given in court unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:04
quote don't know? unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:54
quote This is the punishment given to a person if they are found guilty in court unquote
17 Nov 2013 18:17
quote when you are held in custody whilst awaiting for trial unquote
17 Nov 2013 18:24
quote The amount of time the guilty person has been sentenced to go to prison. unquote
17 Nov 2013 18:33
quote Person remains in jail until date of trial unquote
17 Nov 2013 18:59
quote the sentence you must serve unquote
17 Nov 2013 19:09
quote the sentence e.g. 2 years, life that the (convicted) defendant must spend in jail unquote
17 Nov 2013 19:40
quote Prison sentence, sentenced to a term in prison. unquote
17 Nov 2013 19:56
quote This is a sentence which involves being retained in custody until the crime has been further investigated unquote
17 Nov 2013 22:29
quote battling for for custody unquote
17 Nov 2013 22:32
quote sending someone to prison unquote
17 Nov 2013 23:04
quote How long the defendant will be taken into custody for unquote
18 Nov 2013 12:32
quote A sentence resulting in prison or being held in some sort of government run institution unquote
18 Nov 2013 21:00
quote A delayed sentence? unquote
18 Nov 2013 21:41
quote A period of time in prrison unquote
19 Nov 2013 14:47
quote A sentence in jail that isn't as bad as a normal sentence unquote
3 Nov 2014 19:53
quote the amount of time you will be in prison unquote
6 Nov 2014 12:49
quote it means that you remain in police custody. ie the police are resposible for you and that you have to the police are in charge unquote
6 Nov 2014 16:49
quote The amount of time that a guilty party must remain in the custody of the police unquote
7 Nov 2014 21:51
quote When someone is given a length of time in prison, decided upon by a judge in court unquote
7 Nov 2014 22:00
quote going to prison and staying there for a period of time after being convicted of a crime. unquote
8 Nov 2014 21:29
quote Time in prison unquote
10 Nov 2014 15:56
quote You have been sentenced to serve time in custody unquote
11 Nov 2014 11:23
quote Being imprisoned for a certain amount of time. You are taken into custody. unquote
11 Nov 2014 13:42
quote Custodial sentence is the sentence given by a judge in a court of law for a crime unquote
11 Nov 2014 13:42
quote Custodial sentence is the sentence given by a judge in a court of law for a crime unquote
11 Nov 2014 17:13
quote Term given for imprisonment for specified crime unquote
6 Nov 2015 21:41
quote Awaiting trial and in jail in custody unquote
6 Nov 2015 22:06
quote Being held in prison for the duration of your sentence unquote
10 Nov 2015 22:23
quote Prison sentence. If guilty of a crime, the defendant serves his sentence behind bars. unquote
16 Nov 2015 17:20
quote Imprisemament for a period of time. unquote
17 Nov 2015 08:29
quote A person sentenced to a term of imprisonment when found guilty of a criminal offence. unquote
19 Nov 2015 13:36
quote Time in prison before being sentenced properly unquote
19 Nov 2015 14:10
quote The jail sentence delivered to the accused. unquote
19 Nov 2015 22:16
quote You're awaiting for your court appearance but are in prison while waiting for this unquote
20 Nov 2015 18:19
quote The amount of time someone is set to spend in prison. unquote
20 Nov 2015 18:29
quote This when a person is sentenced to be lockup in a prison for a determined time, set in a court of law. unquote
20 Nov 2015 18:34
quote Sentenced to be questioned by an enforcer of the law. unquote
22 Nov 2015 14:31
quote A sentence that has been given under supervision of local authorities unquote
22 Nov 2015 20:16
quote A judicial sentence that leads to either jail time or probation for the accused. unquote
23 Nov 2015 09:52
quote I believe custodial sentence is the conviction of the defendant, i.e. their sentence in prison or punishment for committed crimes. unquote
23 Nov 2015 15:45
quote When somebody is held under the law for a certain amount of time - e.g they may go to jail for 6 years as that is their custody unquote
8 Nov 2016 22:48
quote Being denied my liberty unquote
12 Nov 2016 09:30
quote After being found guilty. if you are sent to prison then you have received a custodial sentence which can range in time span depending upon the severity of the crime. unquote
13 Nov 2016 16:57
quote When someone is found guilty in court and is given some form of punishment where they have to stay (such as prison) unquote
14 Nov 2016 13:53
quote You have to be put in to custody/ prison. Means you've done something very bad so need to be punished for it. unquote
14 Nov 2016 14:01
quote Being sentenced to jail or other means of isolated confinement, due to an action you have been proven to have done. unquote
14 Nov 2016 18:15
quote Term served under police custody unquote
14 Nov 2016 19:21
quote Prison sentence unquote
14 Nov 2016 19:45
quote A short term prison sentence before you are judged by a court unquote
12 Nov 2017 18:10
quote When a person has been bailed and if they do anything wrong in the next year they are taking in and put in prison unquote
13 Nov 2017 09:21
quote Is term meaning imprisonment or detention by the courts unquote
13 Nov 2017 10:13
quote I think it’s a preliminary ‘punishment’ that has been given to someone accused of being guilty of a crime. unquote


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