Saying something about an event.

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28 Oct 2012 19:25
quote To say something about a particular subject unquote
29 Oct 2012 18:33
quote A citation as in Mention in despatches. A point that has been expressed unquote
29 Oct 2012 19:00
quote When one makes a referral to something in conversation. unquote
30 Oct 2012 17:29
quote to say anything in relation to your crime, when you are in court unquote
30 Oct 2012 18:31
quote I think "mention" here means something I might say. If I was interviewed by police and told them something they could record what I'd said and refer back to it at a later date. unquote
30 Oct 2012 20:03
quote The date when the dependent just pleads guilty without any appeal unquote
30 Oct 2012 20:43
quote To relate information, sometimes without question, which could be help full. unquote
30 Oct 2012 23:07
quote Stated briefly. unquote
31 Oct 2012 00:42
quote To pass on information or advice in an informal way or manner. unquote
31 Oct 2012 12:58
quote A comment made which is to be used in evidence unquote
31 Oct 2012 14:35
quote To let someone know something, explaining quickly or casually unquote
31 Oct 2012 15:10
quote 'drop into' a conversation unquote
31 Oct 2012 15:47
quote Mention is when you enlighten somebody about a person or a procedure. unquote
31 Oct 2012 16:41
quote The utterance of a word/phrase or piece of evidence connected with a crime. unquote
31 Oct 2012 18:40
quote something you might have said without thinking in to it too much, in a casual way. unquote
1 Nov 2012 13:22
quote To say something in passing without going into great detail and without emphasising what you are talking about. unquote
1 Nov 2012 14:07
quote used as evidence unquote
1 Nov 2012 16:49
quote when a person talks about a specific thing for a short period of time in a wider context unquote
1 Nov 2012 17:36
quote Make a comment on some fact. Include an extra detail. unquote
1 Nov 2012 21:52
quote A phrase or comment - usually brief and spoken with little stress, significance or importance. unquote
20 Nov 2012 20:43
quote Refer to unquote
20 Nov 2012 21:41
quote Say something/comment on something briefly. The importance of what has been mentioned is subjective, dependent on context and the people involved unquote
20 Nov 2012 23:10
quote Talking about someone in passing - 'I'll mention that to my friend when I next see them'. Or the act of taking notice of someone - 'they deserve an honourable mention'. unquote
21 Nov 2012 12:04
quote Anything that has been said and noted down by a law enforcer. unquote
21 Nov 2012 18:48
quote Some thing said with out thought, as an aside unquote
21 Nov 2012 21:33
quote Say or write down or otherwise communicate or refer to. unquote
12 Nov 2013 09:25
quote to bring something up in passing unquote
13 Nov 2013 00:33
quote tell someone a brief part of something that has happened or happening unquote
13 Nov 2013 09:10
quote Not a clue unquote
14 Nov 2013 20:51
quote Refer to something/someone in a verbally or I'm text unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:01
quote Happened to say unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:10
quote Briefly speaking about something within a conversation, essay etc unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:13
quote Anything a suspect/ witness says when being either questioned about a crime or arrested. unquote
14 Nov 2013 22:49
quote A statement attributed to somebody. unquote
14 Nov 2013 23:20
quote When someone or something is brought into a case by name. unquote
14 Nov 2013 23:41
quote This means to refer to or speak about. unquote
15 Nov 2013 03:25
quote To say something briefly and without suggesting importance. unquote
15 Nov 2013 10:35
quote Referral to a precedent set by a prior case or the use of a previous statement to back-up current processes. unquote
15 Nov 2013 13:02
quote when someone tells you something - a detail perhaps - that they didn't deem significant or urgent. unquote
15 Nov 2013 13:23
quote imply that person was subtly trying to affect a persons behaviour/decision. unquote
15 Nov 2013 13:49
quote To hint. Bring something up in conversation unquote
16 Nov 2013 18:59
quote referring to something unquote
16 Nov 2013 20:37
quote An explanation of previous events. unquote
17 Nov 2013 11:50
quote Mention means referred to or associated with unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:07
quote Either quoting or referring to previous events, e.g. within a statement. unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:15
quote if something is included in a statement by the accused/witness unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:17
quote When someone mentions something I would say it is a comment in passing. It is not seen as something incredibly important or serious. unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:19
quote A statement or reading of facts. unquote
17 Nov 2013 19:22
quote take into account certain circumstances unquote
17 Nov 2013 20:26
quote Say something relevant to current conversation unquote
17 Nov 2013 23:21
quote same as before unquote
17 Nov 2013 23:55
quote from the miranda rights - if you fail to mention something you later rely on in court. so to say something to someone about the crime you are accused of unquote
18 Nov 2013 00:32
quote When a person tells of a conversation to do with the case. unquote
18 Nov 2013 16:13
quote to bring up a subject or something to someones attention unquote
18 Nov 2013 18:53
quote say out loud unquote
18 Nov 2013 20:46
quote To say something in court unquote
18 Nov 2013 20:56
quote To name something or someone unquote
19 Nov 2013 14:47
quote Say something quickly and briefly- like a summary of something unquote
5 Nov 2014 14:14
quote Tell the Court or police/solicitor etc. of anything you consider would be to your advantage i.e. not mentioning something could jeopardise your case. unquote
6 Nov 2014 21:28
quote Bringing up a relevant point or piece of information when necessary. Informal provision of information. unquote
8 Nov 2014 13:48
quote Not sure unquote
10 Nov 2014 15:41
quote I have no idea what this means in law terms. Generally if you mention something to someone then you are informing somone/letting them know about something. unquote
10 Nov 2014 16:37
quote Something that someone has said to someone else or something that someone has spoken about in Court unquote
10 Nov 2014 20:23
quote To say or state something of which we believe to be true? Spoken or written word stating your thoughts? unquote
10 Nov 2014 21:30
quote This is to bring up someone or something when talking, you mention it unquote
11 Nov 2014 14:58
quote To express knowledge of an event in passing. unquote
11 Nov 2014 19:00
quote If you mention something, you talk about it briefly with out going into great detail. unquote
11 Nov 2014 22:05
quote This is talking about something and therefore bringing it to the attention of others. unquote
4 Nov 2015 18:19
quote A mention is when a piece of evidence is brought to light and people of the court discuss it. unquote
6 Nov 2015 21:11
quote To have stated something without excessive emphasis unquote
10 Nov 2015 21:07
quote Something has been said in the eyes of the court unquote
13 Nov 2015 17:58
quote the meaning of the word mention in my opinion means to talk about a situation or event you have been asked to describe. unquote
16 Nov 2015 19:46
quote To say something in passing by. unquote
17 Nov 2015 10:20
quote To say something while being interviewed under caution or in court unquote
20 Nov 2015 15:15
quote Any statement made by an individual which could be later referred to. unquote
21 Nov 2015 20:05
quote A fact or piece of information that is of a certain degree of importance that it is worth mentioning that may alter the decision of the jury or change the course of the trial. unquote
22 Nov 2015 14:39
quote I have no idea unquote
22 Nov 2015 20:32
quote To say about a topic unquote
23 Nov 2015 01:11
quote Statement issued unquote
23 Nov 2015 14:26
quote A reference to something in speech or writing. unquote
9 Nov 2016 15:26
quote In court it is where and event it brought up but isn't actually trialled? unquote
9 Nov 2016 20:07
quote Another way of saying somebody said something unquote
10 Nov 2016 23:18
quote To bring someone or a topic into the conversation. Like I'd mention my friend to another friend or I'd mention a trip I went on unquote
11 Nov 2016 20:43
quote Bringing something to attention unquote
13 Nov 2016 17:15
quote When somebody want to add another element of detail or information to a statement, they would 'mention' it. unquote
13 Nov 2016 17:51
quote Mention is defined as the act of making someone aware of something, through multiple means of communication. This usually takes the form of verbal communication, however, can also be achieved through written form. unquote
14 Nov 2016 12:59
quote The evidence in a court case. unquote
14 Nov 2016 14:00
quote That something or somebody was brought up in conversation. unquote
14 Nov 2016 20:08
quote to say, utter, or suggest something verbally. unquote
14 Nov 2016 22:13
quote When talking to the police you tell them infortion about an incident or what you know or saw, you might not give much detail. You might forget to tell the police something during an interview, you maight be questioned later about why you didn't tell the police ealrier in an interview, for example if you go to court to give evidence. The court may be interested in the reasons you didn't say anything about this piece of information you are now sharing in an earlier police interview. unquote
15 Nov 2016 11:51
quote Say something unquote
2 Nov 2017 20:03
quote Something to do with evidence that is given unquote
12 Nov 2017 17:20
quote Whatever you say unquote
13 Nov 2017 08:19
quote Does mention mean to refer a client? I have no idea unquote
13 Nov 2017 12:32
quote Tell someone something briefly unquote
13 Nov 2017 13:15
quote Something that is said unquote
13 Nov 2017 16:39
quote When in court, you might reference a previous case. unquote
15 Nov 2017 19:48
quote Remark unquote
19 Nov 2023 16:05
quote Refer to someone / something else, when you bring something up unquote
21 Nov 2023 13:49
quote Something somebody say to give evidence. That it will have an effect in court. unquote
21 Nov 2023 18:00
quote If a person has made a statement about a certain sequence of events and someone else is referring back to that statement, they might say 'in this document you mention...' unquote
21 Nov 2023 21:10
quote Something being spoken about unquote
21 Nov 2023 21:59
quote When you refer to something in little detail and often done in a rush or in passing. No context is being given unquote
22 Nov 2023 19:42
quote To relay some information to someone else unquote
27 Nov 2023 09:42
quote "Mention" in everyday language seems pretty straightforward to me. It's like bringing something up or talking about it briefly. unquote


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