Previous good character

Evidence attesting to the reputation of a particular party involved in court proceedings.

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28 Oct 2012 15:50
quote A person who is on trial may be said to have 'previous good character' if he has no previous criminal convictions. This may be used by defendants and their representatives to show that it is less likely they committed the crime for which they are accused. unquote
28 Oct 2012 20:02
quote A person who has committed an offence but has not committed an offence before unquote
28 Oct 2012 23:11
quote Has in the past always shown themselves to be a good, loyal, honest, trustworthy person. unquote
29 Oct 2012 17:34
quote Don't have a criminal record unquote
30 Oct 2012 09:13
quote a person who had previously been a upstanding character who has since fallen short of the law... unquote
30 Oct 2012 11:06
quote No criminal record and no references that state negative things about the person. But I'm not sure about the last bit - it might just mean no criminal record. unquote
30 Oct 2012 13:16
quote A person of previous good character is somebody who is not known to have been in trouble prior to the current accusation/charge against him/her. First time offender. unquote
30 Oct 2012 17:20
quote Haven't committed any previous crimes unquote
30 Oct 2012 18:11
quote A distinguishing feature of an individual unquote
31 Oct 2012 13:32
quote a person who has had no criminal convictions unquote
31 Oct 2012 14:55
quote The person has done something that makes people describe them as a 'previous good character'. They used to do good things that made them a 'good character', but this no longer applies to them. unquote
31 Oct 2012 16:04
quote someone who has never had any accusations made against them from any governing bodies or police. a person who does his/her bit for the community unquote
31 Oct 2012 17:18
quote Up to now I have no criminal record. unquote
31 Oct 2012 17:43
quote in the past they haven't been in trouble with the police and didn't have criminal record unquote
31 Oct 2012 18:28
quote Suggest no prior legal issues or other social problems that might appear on a permanent record - suggests that whatever act or offence subject is guilty of commiting is a result of a unique instanceof aberant or 'out of character' behaviour unquote
31 Oct 2012 18:30
quote This means that the defence has no previous criminal conviction and this term is used to support the defence in their case of being not guilty. unquote
31 Oct 2012 19:06
quote someone who has no previous convictions or cautions for any offence unquote
31 Oct 2012 22:19
quote Has not been in trouble with the police before. unquote
31 Oct 2012 22:24
quote No previous convictions or cautions. A good upstanding member of thd community unquote
1 Nov 2012 13:22
quote Someone who has no criminal record and is generally known as someone who lives within the law. The person would be someone who tries to be honest and moral. unquote
1 Nov 2012 15:10
quote I think this means that an individual had not been held accountable for a particular crime in the past. In other words, their criminal record (up to now) is clean. unquote
1 Nov 2012 17:33
quote If someone has committed no criminal offences in the past, then this means they have previous good character and this might give them less of a punishment. unquote
2 Nov 2012 09:43
quote A reference to someone who who has spoken already as in parliament 'the right, honourable' unquote
20 Nov 2012 22:57
quote Someone of "previous good character" would be someone who has no previous convictions, and is well thought of by people who know them. unquote
20 Nov 2012 23:40
quote That a person, had in the past always behaved as society expected, i belive this may be said if a person commited a crime and wanted their previous life before the crime to be considered. unquote
21 Nov 2012 01:40
quote No previous offences and able to provide character references from persons of good standing in the community. unquote
21 Nov 2012 10:08
quote The person in question usually has no previous criminal record, or has character witnesses explaining how the event that has bought them to court is totally out of character. unquote
21 Nov 2012 10:26
quote Before this happened, the person had not been in trouble with the law and was considered to be a person of good standing in their community unquote
21 Nov 2012 12:05
quote Normally a perfectly law abiding person. Not just they they've never been caught before, but that they would be the last person one would expect to get in trouble with the law. unquote
21 Nov 2012 13:53
quote In the past you have been a good person, and not been in trouble with the law. unquote
6 Dec 2012 11:33
quote Having no criminal records or unquote
24 Apr 2013 15:48
quote someone who has not been in trouble with the courts before unquote
14 Nov 2013 18:05
quote no previous criminal records unquote
14 Nov 2013 20:51
quote In history you have been seen/recognised to be judged to be what society deems to see as a good person unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:06
quote The person has behaved well previously, e.g. he/she was very helpful when questioned previously unquote
14 Nov 2013 21:25
quote Up until now the person is known to have a good character. unquote
14 Nov 2013 22:19
quote That they were a better person before? unquote
14 Nov 2013 22:35
quote A person who has never committed a crime in the past. unquote
14 Nov 2013 23:12
quote This would mean that prior to the event or situation that is being currently examined, the defendant has 'previously' been of 'good character'. They did not have any reasons against them to suggest that they were anything other than normal. No previous convictions - a first offence. unquote
15 Nov 2013 09:58
quote An individual with no previous convictions or criminal record. unquote
15 Nov 2013 10:35
quote When the personality and actions of a person (often a defendant) are used as grounds for proving that a crime or statement is due to passion or unusual circumstances in the case of it being looked down upon, but as a grounds for reliable credibility in the case of giving witness. unquote
15 Nov 2013 11:37
quote No previous criminal record known to the police of legal system and may be well-spoken of by others. unquote
15 Nov 2013 16:00
quote Somebody with no past convictions or a 'black mark' against their name. unquote
15 Nov 2013 23:25
quote That you haven't had a criminal record before/ haven't shown any displays of bad behavior prior to a certain instance. unquote
16 Nov 2013 12:21
quote You don't have any record of bad behavior unquote
16 Nov 2013 17:33
quote Someone who has committed a crime that has no criminal record, and so the crime is out of character unquote
16 Nov 2013 20:30
quote A person who was of good character, and has now been led astray. No longer considered a good character. unquote
16 Nov 2013 21:25
quote That the person up until now has had no convictions or committed any serious crimes. They may have had a few minor issues, eg, speeding offence, but generally a good person, sound and has acted in a good way. unquote
16 Nov 2013 22:56
quote The person on trial or under investigation was considered to be an upstanding member of society with a good personality before they came under investigation unquote
17 Nov 2013 14:09
quote The person hasn't been known to be violent in the past. unquote
17 Nov 2013 16:48
quote I think it means someone who used to be considered 'good' but for some reason now isn't considered that way in the eyes of the law. unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:08
quote From what is known of the person in question, I do not know anything that would suggest they are a bad character. unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:17
quote I would say this that up to the present moment the person has not been involved in any activities deemed against the law. unquote
17 Nov 2013 17:20
quote Someone who has never committed a crime before and therefore has no criminal record. unquote
17 Nov 2013 18:21
quote was once a good person unquote
17 Nov 2013 18:43
quote in the past has had no previous criminal convictions unquote
17 Nov 2013 21:46
quote the person being talked about does not have a criminal record at all unquote
18 Nov 2013 15:04
quote Had shown proper behaviour earlier unquote
18 Nov 2013 19:06
quote It is when a court looks at your life in order to show you are a good person unquote
18 Nov 2013 21:02
quote someone who previously didn't have a criminal record unquote
18 Nov 2013 21:51
quote someone who was previously deemed not guilty, but has now after further evidence being brought forward, been named guilty. unquote
18 Nov 2013 22:16
quote Previously a well mannered and behaved person. unquote
19 Nov 2013 09:59
quote A character reference showing somebody to have demonstrated good personal qualities before event. unquote
24 Nov 2013 10:36
quote You used to be good. Have no previous criminal convictions unquote
30 Oct 2014 17:32
quote known to be trustworthy before unquote
3 Nov 2014 20:29
quote Behavior previously has been of good standing because of position in the community, employment or family unquote
5 Nov 2014 15:22
quote an instance in the past where an individual has been positively commended by officials unquote
7 Nov 2014 20:56
quote Has no criminal record which could possibly reduce his sentence. unquote
10 Nov 2014 16:07
quote Someone who has previously shown they are a good citizen before a current event. unquote
10 Nov 2014 17:26
quote this person has no former criminal record unquote
10 Nov 2014 19:15
quote A person that has no mental violence in them that ensures any violence is out of character unquote
11 Nov 2014 08:38
quote A recorded history of good intention. unquote
11 Nov 2014 14:17
quote The individual has had no previous convictions or history of bad or inappropriate behaviour that would sway the opinion of the judge in a court of law. unquote
11 Nov 2014 14:42
quote Someone who was innocent and/or had no criminal records before the offending incident. unquote
28 Oct 2015 22:33
quote Witness statement which advocates that the individual in the docks has before the event shown that they are a good person unquote
6 Nov 2015 21:01
quote Has never had any past records or offences unquote
9 Nov 2015 22:10
quote Always seemed to be an honest loyal person, no previous criminal records unquote
10 Nov 2015 13:43
quote A term used to describe the personal history of the defendant in relation to their criminal history, describing them as having shown previous cooperative and just actions. unquote
16 Nov 2015 17:42
quote Describe an individual giving a positive light on an individual. unquote
19 Nov 2015 22:19
quote I'm the past you have behaved as a upstanding citizen in the community. i.e you do not have a criminal record unquote
20 Nov 2015 00:10
quote Before the crime in question, the person who is accused has not committed a crime. unquote
20 Nov 2015 16:59
quote Had good character before committing a crime unquote
21 Nov 2015 10:09
quote Was good gone bad unquote
22 Nov 2015 15:35
quote Not having a past record unquote
22 Nov 2015 18:13
quote When a person has shown good personality traits in the past and maybe showed questionable behaviour in recent times unquote
22 Nov 2015 23:28
quote no other convictions or arrests or unknown to the criminal system unquote
23 Nov 2015 09:36
quote Previous good character would be a benefit to someone defending themselves in court, it could mean the jury are willing to consider their 'good character' as opposed to bad character or previous similar offences in their conviction. unquote
23 Nov 2015 14:17
quote somebody that was 'good' in the past with reference to people's character statements on them unquote
23 Nov 2015 14:45
quote Someone whose behaviour has changed from being socially acceptable to unacceptable in the eyes of the court. unquote
9 Nov 2016 14:19
quote Someone who has been given positive references in the past about themselves unquote
10 Nov 2016 10:55
quote That the offender has no previous convictions or has never been in trouble with the law before. They have previously been a helpful member in the community unquote
10 Nov 2016 14:55
quote Someone who is known to be a good person before being accused unquote
14 Nov 2016 14:16
quote A person that has no previous record or links to crime. Possiblt has made a positive contribution to their community unquote
14 Nov 2016 17:23
quote You haven't had any previous history of any criminal action unquote
14 Nov 2016 18:16
quote Where you have a clean criminal record until now unquote
14 Nov 2016 22:24
quote No previous criminal offences unquote
15 Nov 2016 10:38
quote The defendant has acted in a way that doesn't seem typical of them. They would normally be someone who does not get caught up in the law. unquote
8 Nov 2017 17:19
quote a past of good behaviour unquote
12 Nov 2017 18:09
quote The person has no previous convictions unquote
16 Nov 2023 18:06
quote Somebody who has now been accused or found guilty of a crime, but has never previously been so accused. unquote
19 Nov 2023 14:46
quote That means prior to the current charge, the suspect had a clean record unquote
19 Nov 2023 17:02
quote Before a crime has been committed the person charged would have this. unquote
19 Nov 2023 23:53
quote From looking at the suspects history, there is evidence of good character/qualities. unquote
20 Nov 2023 10:49
quote They have never shown themselves to be bad or unlikeable unquote
20 Nov 2023 16:11
quote The person being accused of something has done good things in society/ community to suggest the persons character unquote
20 Nov 2023 21:17
quote Before this allegation/crime, the person did not have a criminal record and was reported and being a positive member of the community unquote
21 Nov 2023 12:27
quote a person that has, in the past, shown themselves to be a good person. A positive refelction of character unquote
21 Nov 2023 12:55
quote Someone who was a good person in the past. They may have become a bad person now. unquote
21 Nov 2023 17:44
quote Good things that a person has done proving they were/are a good person unquote
21 Nov 2023 22:01
quote In law I think this would be used to describe a person that was once held to high standards and was heading a good direction, but due to circumstances or bad decisions, this "character" is now portrayed in a different light. A negative one. unquote
21 Nov 2023 22:13
quote That what I will say about you reflects that you have always been a person who is honest, law abiding, trustworthy and reliable. unquote
22 Nov 2023 01:10
quote Someone in court, has never committed an offence like this and has made a clear mistake, but is a character of good-will. unquote
22 Nov 2023 01:34
quote No previous conviction, enough evidence to show remorse and that a genuine bad mistake was made. unquote
28 Nov 2023 17:12
quote seems like it's about a person's reputation or behavior before a particular incident. unquote
2 Jan 2024 17:29
quote A person of kind and nice nature in the past. Someone who would not do any wrong and has evidence of this. unquote


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